Cricket Tasmania Membership

A Cricket Tasmania Membership is the premium sporting membership to Blundstone Arena. Not only does it provide access to the best views in the house from our Members Pavilion, but also member exclusive news prior to public release, members only events, and messages and updates from players.

Platinum Membership
From $450

A Platinum (Venue) Membership is the perfect Membership package if you are a keen supporter of both Cricket and AFL in Tasmania. A Platinum Membership allows you to have guaranteed access to all International, Domestic Cricket and regular season AFL matches at Blundstone Arena.

Venue Access Includes:

Gold Membership
From $300

A Gold (Cricket) Membership is the ultimate membership for the die-hard cricket fan and those that want to support both Tasmanian Cricket, and Cricket in Tasmania. A Gold Membership guarantees access to all things cricket at Blundstone Arena.

Venue Access Includes:

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